Margaret MilizzoApril of 2017 marks a special anniversary for a particular resident of Hoboken, New Jersey who lives just a stone’s throw from the front door of St. Ann’s Church. For the past twenty-five years Margaret Milizzo has faithfully reported for work at the provincial offices in Union City as the Secretary to the Provincial. She has been the gatekeeper of the office, being the first person you will meet or speak to when dealing with the provincial.

Margaret began her career as a professional secretary in 1977 while working for W.R. Grace & Co. in New York City. She came to the Capuchins in 1992 and stayed ever since, having served as secretary to no less than five provincials since her first day on the job. But to Margaret, it is much more than just a job. To her it is a service to the wider church and community. By making sure the administrative wheels of the province run smoothly, she contributes to the life and ministry of the friars and to the people they encounter. Whenever a question arises among the friars concerning issues related to insurance, social security, billing, payments, accounts, schedules, travel arrangements––along with a host of other queries, the common phrase is, “Ask Margaret, she’ll know.” And in fact, 99.99% of the time she does!

But it’s not only amid the file cabinets, copy machines, archives and phones of the provincial offices that you will find her. On Saturdays she works at the front desk in St. Ann’s parish office. And if that were not enough, there is the St. Ann’s Guild of which she has been an active member since 1994.

In 2001 Margaret became an Affiliate of the Capuchin Order. The province has indeed been blessed and is deeply grateful for the diligent and loving service she provides. Hats off to you Margaret! We wish you and your loved ones every grace and blessing.

Margaret Flowers