The 2018 Eucharistic Congress in Atlanta, GA was a beautiful experience for the Friars who attended.

IMG 0635Fr. Francisco, Br. Miguel, Fr. Remo, Br. Michael


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Fr. Francisco shared the following reflections about his first Eucharist Congress:

The first thing that I noticed was that the event was very multicultural: there were so many different nationalities represented. We couldn't help noticing that the great majority of those present were Hispanic families with young children. Whenever the families stopped by our table I thanked the parents for the wonderful example they are giving their children in handing down the faith. I told them that bringing their children to these kind of events will be unforgettable memories for them. Because of the many young families with so much faith, I see hope for the future of our Church.

In the midst of all that joy there were also many sad stories that people shared with us and asked for prayers. One lady in particular asked for special prayers because she was going to soon be deported back to Mexico. She said she would have to leave behind two young boys with autism in the care of her husband. She said the therapy they are getting here would not be possible in Mexico.

It was a blessing to participate in these events and I am looking forward to the next one in Charlotte, NC on September 7&8. Mark your calendars and come visit our booth!