2016 08 CaperoneBrianCaperone       The wait is over. Meet the Novices in this first edition of the 2016-17 Caperone . It's the monthly newsletter from the novices of the NAPCC (North American/Pacific Capuchin Conference) in Santa Ynez, CA.

        Our own new brother Brian Sullivan seems to be well, and the new editors, Vince Carrasco (St. Conrad Province) and Joe Babcock (St. Joseph Province) obviously know a little about desktop publishing: the issue is chock-full of photos.

     In this first report, they pay tribute to the departing friars,  introduce  the new staff members, introduce each of the the novices, report on their experience of the inter-provincial Postulancy Program and on their subsequent treck to Santa Ynez -- quite a tall order.

       You can download it here, and check each month for another edition that lets us know what's happening.