Here are some pictures to capture a flavor of our 2017 Provincial Chapter.

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Friars 2017

Our new Council was elected by the Friars at the 17th Provincial Chapter 

Provincial Minister:  Fr. Remo DiSalvatore, Vicar: Fr. Robert Williams, Council:  Fr. Francisco Arredondo, Fr. Ronald Giannone, Fr. Robert PĂ©rez 

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(left to right:  Friars Ronald Giannone, Robert Perez, Remo DiSalvatore, Robert Williams, Francisco Arredondo)

July 21st Brother Brian Sullivan pronounced his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience at a Mass at St. Francis Church, Hackensack, NJ.   The pictures depict his professing his vows to the Minister Provincial.  From there he is signing the official document of profession.  Sitting now he is really beaming with joy, affirmed with his thumbs up.  Pax et Bonum!

Brother Brian2    Brother Brian 3    Brother Brian4    Brother Brian5    Brother Brian6

Friars from around the province will be gathering at St. Lawrence Friary in Beacon, New York on the evening of October 15th for their Provincial Chapter (Province meeting).  They will gather for Mass, prayer, fraternal time, meetings and meals from Sunday evening through Friday.  At this time we will have the election of the new Provincial Minister and his council.  The faciliator for the week will be Fr. John Pavlic, a Capuchin from St. Augustine Province.  Please pray for the friars during this most important week in the life of our province.

St lawrence
St. Lawrence Friary

Brother Brian

Our Brother Brian Sullivan, presently a novice, will profess his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on Friday, July 21 at St. Francis Church in Hackensack, NJ.   Our prayers are with him during his final preparation period of his novitiate year.  Brian is from St. Matthew Parish in Charlotte, NC.  Congratulations!     


fr. Roberto G general

Today, September 3, at our International College 'San Lorenzo da Brindisi', the General Chapter of the Capuchin friars elected as General Minister of the Order Br. Roberto Genuin from the Province of Venice. The term of the election is six years.

General Council 2018

The new Minister General with his Council