After acceptance into the Province, a candidate must complete the following initial formation programs:


This is usually a period of twelve months in which a man lives with the friars, participating in their life of fraternity, prayer and service. Classes during the week help to nurture his spiritual life, his knowledge of the faith, and his acquaintance with the Capuchin charism and way of life. The period of time for Postulancy could be extended if a man is not ready for Novitiate.


This is accomplished in collaboration with other provinces. It begins with a three-month period of preparation, then formally begins the first week of Advent when a man receives the novice's habit ('clothes of probation') and title "Brother"; he is then expected to begin to live the vowed life. It is an intense experience of fraternity and prayer. There are continuing classes on religious subjects and Capuchin life, with ongoing spiritual direction and supervision. 

At the end of the Novitiate year, believing that God has called him to be a Capuchin Franciscan Friar and accepted by the Provincial Minister, a man professes temporary vows of poverty, chastity and obedience one year at a time for a minimum of three years.  During the first two years of this time of formation, all temporary professed friars live together. They participate in the regular life of a Capuchin friar seeking to deepen their vocation to this way of life. During the third year of temporary profession, a friar is assigned to another of our houses to continue to grow in the life. At the end of his time in temporary vows, which could extend up to six years, but usually does not exceed four years, a friar perpetually professes his vows for life.


The Post Novitiate is the period in which the brothers, progressing further in maturity, prepare themselves for the definitive choice of our Gospel life that is undertaken through Perpetual Profession. Further growth in the Capuchin life is gained through daily communal and private prayer as well as the everyday aspects of fraternity including regular community gatherings to discuss our life together.  During the post-novitate period, Friars are assigned to minister in various places throughout the Province.