July 21st Brother Brian Sullivan pronounced his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience at a Mass at St. Francis Church, Hackensack, NJ.   The pictures depict his professing his vows to the Minister Provincial.  From there he is signing the official document of profession.  Sitting now he is really beaming with joy, affirmed with his thumbs up.  Pax et Bonum!

Brother Brian2    Brother Brian 3    Brother Brian4    Brother Brian5    Brother Brian6

Brother Brian

Our Brother Brian Sullivan, presently a novice, will profess his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience on Friday, July 21 at St. Francis Church in Hackensack, NJ.   Our prayers are with him during his final preparation period of his novitiate year.  Brian is from St. Matthew Parish in Charlotte, NC.  Congratulations!     

Sunday, April 23rd marked the 25th Anniversary of our provincial executive assistant, Margaret Milizzo. Her wonderful disposition, brilliant smile and extraordinary patience has guided and assisted our friars for over a quarter of a century in so many varied ways! We are very grateful to Margaret for her dedication and her wonderful presence over all these years, and pray for many many more years of good health and willing service to the brothers! Thank you Margaret and Happy Anniversary from all the friars of the Stigmata Province!Margaret

Fr. Solanus

On Thursday, May 4th, Pope Francis cleared the way for Fr. Solanus, a Capuchin from St. Joseph Province based in Detroit, to be declared Blessed.  Watch the announcement being made from the Solanus Casey Center in Detroit.    https://youtu.be/l_XHUb7MNlU The beatification will take place on November 18th in Detroit at Ford Field. 



As you may already know, 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the split between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran Church. Thanks to the work of the Lutheran-Roman Catholic Commission on Unity over the past 50 years,